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Fire Kirin

Fire Kirin is online casinio gaming platform where you can play many popular casino and gambling games such as fish shooting, slot games, lucky wheels spin, table games, online fishing and many more. All these mini games are arcade style so you can have a lot of fun  and joy!

You can play many mini-games that reward you with in-game currency, bonus points, coins and other goods. Later, you can exchange your virtual money for real money and redeem cash. You can also deposit some money to speed up your game progress and win more!

Play Fire Kirin online or download Fire Kirin app for Android, iOS, PC and other devices.

Fire Kirin Download

Download Fire Kirin for your platform and operating system or play web version online

Fire Kirin Android

Fire Kirin apk is Android app which lets you login to Fire Kirin app and play it on mobile easy and simple. You don’t need to use mobile web browser and deal with incompatibility issues as Fire Kirin app for mobile is 100% optimized for touchscreen as well as smaller screens like phones.

While many Android gamers use smartphones, when you download Fire Kirin apk you will be pleased to find out it is 100% compatible for any Android device including phones and tablets.

Fire Kirin Apk download

If you’re mobile gamer and want to play Fire Kirin online for Android then downloading Fire Kirin apk is your best bet! From this page you can easily download Fire Kirin apk latest version and install it manually.

Unfortunately, original Fire Kirin Android app is not available in official Android market Google Play Store as of now. However, you don’t need to worry as Fire Kirin apk download is easy, fast and secure from this page using our direct download link!

Apk is Android app package file format which is used to install apps and games on Android. Don’t worry, Fire Kirin apk is scanned by antivirus and confirmed to be 100% safe to install on any Android device.

Fire Kirin Apk details:

  • Version: 3.1
  • Download size: 41Mb
  • Publisher: PENY
  • Requires: Android 5.0+
  • Package name:
  • Mode: Online

Fire Kirin app for Android comes only with single apk what means you don’t need to download cache or obb files to install and run this game. However, after you open Fire Kirin app for the first time, it will ask you to download additional data for your phone, you must allow it storage permission to download all required files.

How to install Fire Kirin apk on Android

Installing Android apps manually can be a bit hard for inexperienced and less technical Android users, however it is very easy and only needs a minute or two.

Here are simple Fire Kirin apk install steps:

  1. Download Fire Kirin apk file using download button above.
  2. After apk download is 100% finished, click on downloaded file
  3. Your device ask you whenever you want to install app from unknown sources, just click yes and proceed
  4. Now click on Install button and wait few seconds for installation to finish
  5. Open Fire Kirin app on your Android device and play!

That’s all, you have successfully installed Fire Kirin game on Android!

If that’s your very first time installing apk outside PlayStore you may need to enable unknown sources first. Don’t worry, its also very easy!

Navigate to your phone’s Settings->Security, find and mark/turn on Unknown Sources.

Fire Kirin iOS

Fire Kirin for iPhone and iPad is also available as iOS app, so you can play it on your favorite Apple’s device for free. Much like Android app, Fire Kirin app for iOS comes with good optimization for smaller touchscreens as well as a bit bigger displays like in iPad. It also has support for retina display so you’ll recive good graphics and visualson your iPhone or iPad device!

Fire Kirin iOS download

If you want to download Fire Kirin app on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad first you need to make sure you can download and install IPA files. If you are experienced with downloading apps and games outside Apple’s AppStore on your iPhone/iPad, then you can proceed right away and download Fire Kirin for iOS for free.

Fire Kirin ipa details:

  • Version: 3.1
  • Download size: 21Mb
  • Publisher: PENY
  • Requires: iOS 11+
  • Mode: Online

Fire Kirin iPhone app comes with only IPA file which you need to download directly on iPhone and install it manually,

IPA stands for iOS Package Application and like Apk for Android, ipa is used to install apps and games in iOS. While installing IPA files on iOS is a bit more complicated than installing apk on Android, it is still easy and fast process.

How to install Fire Kirin on iOS

Installing IPA can be challenging for new and less experienced Apple users, however it is simple and easy! While you may need help of additional app on your iPhone, you don’t need Jailbreak to install Fire Kirin on iPhone.

Here are simple Fire Kirin ipa on iOS:

  1. Download Fire Kirin ipa app file using download button above.
  2. Wait until  ipa download is 100% finished
  3. After downloading is done, open Cydia installer, TuTuapp helper or any similar third-party iOS app installers
  4. Find Fire Kirin.ipa file and start installation process 
  5. Open Fire Kirin app on your iPhone/iPad and play!

Congratulations, finally you have successfully installed Fire Kirin game on your iOS device!

Play Fire Kirin Online

If you are using bigger device with large screen andf powerful hardware you can play Fire Kirin Sweepstakes online right in your web browser.

Whenever you’re surfing web with Windows PC, Apple’s Mac, Game console such as PlayStation and Xbox or even smart TV, you can play Fire Kirin web version online for free! All you need is a modern web browser such as Gogle Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or even Opera Web Browser.

To start playing, make sure you have JavaScript enabled and your web browser supports HTML5 games. Any modern desktop web browser including ones mentioned above meet both requiraments. However Samsung Internet available in Samsung’s Smart TVs may  require enabling some settings to run online games in browser tab.

Fire Kirin Play Online

To start playing Fire Kirin xyz online on web, you need to open session in new browser tab or window using button below:

We recommend to close other tabs and background processes before starting Fire Kirin h5 online game session to run it smoothly. Also, disable any heavy browser extensions that may make game run slowly or buggy.

Why play Fire Kirin online

Fire Kirin online version is full-featured online game which has similar features and visuals as the app. You can access full range of online mini games, play most popular Fire Kirin games, win rewards and bonuses, exchange points and money, redeem different gifts and coins, explore deep sea and experience full fun of playing Fire Kirin.

As you play online web version in browser, you don’t need to download any app or software, instead you can start gaming instantly after game is loaded in your browser.Even more, you can play in fullscreen so 100% of your screen shows the game without any distraction.

Fire Kirin PC

Fire Kirin app for Windows is not available for now, however PC Gamers can play it online from any web browser. But if you still want to have an app, you can download Fire Kirin apk app and use it on Desktop PC.

Yes, apk is only for Android and it can’t replace exe software for Windows, you can’t directly install it on PC but you can run Android gmes and apps on PC via Android emulators like Bluestacks.

So, if you want to have Fire Kirin app on your PC you can still do so by downloading apk file and playing Fire Kirin Android version via Emulator siftware.

Fire Kirin Mac

If you are Apple fan and gambling lover at the same time chances are you want to download Fire Kirin app on Mac laptop and play it everywhere. Unfortunately, much like in case of Windows, there is not official Fire Kirin app for MacOS devices available to download.

Of course you can still play Fire Kirin online casino game on Mac via web version but if you want Mac app we will have to disappoint you. But there is still one way to get Fire Kirin games app on Mac – using Android emulator.

Much like Windows, Mac OS also has plenty of Android emulators available for free. You can install Android emulator of your choise like NOX player or Bluestacks. After you have setup Android emulator program you can download Fire Kirin Android app apk file and run it on Mac PC or notebook.

What is Fire Kirin

Fire Kirin is one of the best online gambling platform where you can play many popular casino mini games in style of arcade. It was created in China but now it is played wordwide including USA. You can play online Sweepstakes, Fishing, Cards, Slots machine, Keno, Lottery, Lucky Wheels, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and many more.

The name comes from Chinese mythology, Kirin is mythical creature which looks much like dragon or a lighting deer. As you shoot and fire many of such creatures in the game, it got name of these two words Fire and Kirin.

Now Fire Kirin is just one of the many mini-games available in official Fire Kirin web version and app which you can download and install for free. As you play and progress in the game, you earn many different virtual currencies, rewards and coins. The best news is you can exchange in-game virtuak money for real world money, so you can cash-out your hard earned rewards!

Fire Kirin 777

You may have come across Fire Kirin 777 which is another popular name in world of mobile online casino app. Playing online casino games on mobile is fun and exciting as you aren’t limited in any way and you can play anywhere including street, bus, car, outdoor, nature and pretty much everywhere where a stable internet connection is available. For optimal gameplay, you need at least 3G Mobile network, however 4G or WiFi is highly recommended.

If you want to take advantage of playing everywhere on your smartphone, you need to download Fire Kirin 777 mobile app as it is very well suited for gaming on small screens.

Fire Kirin Login

How to login to Fire Kirin – that is one of the most common question among newbies. After you download Fire Kirin app, it directly asks you for login info such as Account Email and Password. There is only login option, no registration/signup showing anywhere.

We got, it is very confusing for new users but there is no direct registration form to restrict access to children and people under 18 Years old who aren’t adults, so they can’t use casino even online. Don’t worry. Fire Kirin registration is very easy, you just need to fill in simple form and sent for approval. Onced approved, you’ll get your account info via e-mail you used during registration.

If you are exciting user you can login to FireKirin directly with your account info.


If you are true gamer you should really care about gameplay – after all, gameplay is probably single the most important factor of any game or gaming app. While filled with Casino and Gambling features, Fire Kirin is not only a casino app – it is collection of 40+ cool arcade games you can play and have a lot of fun.

Even if you aren’t a gambler and only want to kill some time with small games, you can do so with a lot of small games like Fish shooting, Cards & Board, Fishing online and many more.

All of these games have different gameplay features, rules, different variety of available weapons, many mythical characters like Dragon, Kirin, Kraken as well as real characters such as Octopus, Fish, Sea Turtle, Shark, Dolphin and many other sea creatures.

Gameplay is fast-paced with non-stop action of shooting, hunting and fishing in deeps of water such as ocean and sea.

Gameplay Video


Another very important factor for any gamer is graphics. Everyone want to enjoy with high quality visuals and smooth video, suitable for modern games and screens. Fire Kirin game comes with nice and beautiful graphics, enhanced with 3D effects and good visuals with nice mix of green and gold colors in general.

Most of mini games are either flat 2D or platformer with 3D touch. While textures aren’t very demanding and you don’t need powerful GPU, still resolution and overall graphics quality is pretty good, You can choose your resoultion from HD, Full HD, 2K and 4K for supported LCD, IPS and Amoled displays. If your screen resolution is high, you can definately get some stunning visuals and enjoy playing Fire Kirin even more!

Fire Kirin Games List

Here’s full list of Fire Kirin Games:

  • Aerial Battle
  • Angry Frog
  • Arc of Templar
  • Baby Octopus
  • Blue Mermaid
  • Buffalo Thunder
  • Circus
  • Crab King
  • Crocodile Adventure
  • Deep Sea Volcano
  • Dragon Fighter
  • Dragon Hunter
  • Dragon vs Phoenix
  • Eagle Eye
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Fire Kirin
  • Fish Chopper
  • Golden Fish
  • Golden Toad
  • Golden Tree
  • Jack Captain
  • Killer Croc
  • Magical Ship
  • Master Chef
  • Metro Shower
  • Ocean King
  • Ocean Monster
  • Phoenix Legend
  • Pixie Dust
  • Sea Lord
  • Spooky Loot 6
  • Spirit Stallion
  • Tiki Fire