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Fire Kirin login

Fire Kirin is online game and virtual casino platform for gamblers who like to play some casino and fish games online without visiting a live casino. While Fire Kirin login is a very easy step for any experienced and returning players and gamblers, users who aren’t familiar with online casinos and try out Fire Kirin for the first time may be confused about how to login to Fire Kirin online platform.

If you have already downloaded Fire Kirin app on your phone or visited web version on PC you may have already came across a required login page which is the first and compulsory step to access Fire Kirin games, features and overall interface of the platform.

Don’t worry, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Fire Kirin login, even if you are not experienced and don’t know how to start!

Fire Kirin login

How to login to Fire Kirin

As you start the app for the first time you’re required to fill your login information: username and password. After you enter your account credentials and login to Fire Kirin app on mobile it is saved automatically so next time you launch Fire Kirin app on Android or iOS device, you’ll be logged in automatically.

As for online web version, you need to enter your login data each time you load in in your web browser tab as unfortunately online game doesn’t have option to save your login info for security purposes.

As for the login details, if you don’t know your account and password you can find all the required info in the welcome email you received if you are a registered player. If you haven’t recived any email aftern signup then check out Spam or Junk folders and make sure you aren’t filtering emails. Your welcome email may also be in a Promotions or Social folders in Gmail by mistake, so make sure to check all folders!

If you still haven’t registered for Fire Kirin player account, then keep on reading!

How to sign up for Fire Kirin account

As you already know Fire Kirin is an online casino platform where you play with real money, you can win or lose money depending on your skills and luck. For this reason, Fire Kirin is only allowed to be played by adults, people who are over the legal age of playing casino and gambling games, even online.

Also, only one Fire Kirin account is allowed per person which means you can make only one account and play with it for lifetime, no multiple accounts are allowed.

To combat spam, multi-account usage and make sure each player is an adult and over the legal age of playing gambling games, each account is created manually by Fire Kirin user support and needs to be verified before it is activated and used for logging into Fire Kirin.

For reasons mentioned above, each person needs to fill up registration form and signup to Fire Kirin by providing all legal personal info including: Full legal name and last name, working personal email address, working personal phone number with country code and a photo of government issued ID card. All this information is processed to make sure you’re a real person, a new user who has legal rights to play online casino games.

To get account, you can fill all required information on the form below!

All info you enter is sent to Fire Kirin customer support for proceeding. We don’t store, sell, disribute or use any data you provide using this form.

Fire Kirin account is free for all new players and you can get started with welcome bonus for free! That’s all you need to know about Fire Kirin login on mobile app or PC web version. As both of them use exactly same accounts, you can play with your account cross-platform on any device and operating system!